The Alchemist: Figurative Language Translation Analysis


  • Chairunisa Sonya Sastrawinata Brawijaya University


figurative language, translation analysis, The Alchemist


This study investigates the translation methods and analysis of figurative language in the novel “The Alchemist†by Paulo Coelho from English to Indonesian. The main theory used to help find the answer in the process is Peter Newmark and Chesterman’s theory, along with other supporting journals. The research method applied is qualitative descriptive. The result showed the writer found 54 syntactic strategy (47 literal translation, 1 calque, 2 phrase structure change, 1 cohesion change, 2 sentence structure change, 1 transposition), 10 semantic strategy (10 synonymy ), and 7 pragmatic strategy (7 explicitness change).

Author Biography

Chairunisa Sonya Sastrawinata, Brawijaya University

Brawijaya University


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